The Gray is Back

The Gray is back.

And it's only natural--Autumn is prime feeding time, as it has to fatten itself up before Winter. Just like the local grizzlies, minus the claws. 

Following its standard routine, the Gray arrived the day of September's New Moon and began doing what it does best: gobbling up the Mountain. 

Incidentally, the Mountain herself didn't mind: it had so many daily responsibilities of housing all those trees, deer, turkeys, wolves, people, and, yes, grizzlies, that it often felt like a bona fide Atlas. Sometimes, it's nice to take a little nap in all that spa-like fog!

Unlike the last time, I let the Mountain have its "me-time," traveled back into town, and was thus able to capture that rare moment when the Gray's belly burst from all the gluttony.  

What you see below is the Sun slowly crawling out feet..errr...rays first! 

But this small victory only took place over the main Mountain's little sister. To top that off, it was late in the evening, so the Sun had to be off to bed on schedule!

And the Gray? The Gray is still here the morning after.