It's the End of the World (Again)

After a long and strenuous day, my basset and I decided to head out on what we thought would be a relaxing dog walk into the sunset.

Yes, we make those decisions together!

In fact, the basset informed me that he really looked forward to deer scent permeating the evening air and, quite possibly, generously barking at all those neighborhood cats constantly engaged in plotting evil

But, when we stepped outside, we came upon this scene:

Another Apocalypse!

Generally, I'm okay with the Rocky-Mountain-style End of the World.

However, the gusts of wind had gotten so strong, that Roediger was more likely to see deer being carried through the air rather than detecting their scent. 

We chose to avoid being smacked in the face by a stray flying hoof or two and headed in.

But not before we caught a glimpse of the stormy sunset: