Homecoming (of Sorts)

As of today, I plan to fly to Moscow, my hometown, for the first time since doing my PhD research at the federal archives in late 2009, along with a number of other European destinations. (In contrast, I've traveled throughout Japan three times in that same time period. Treachery!) 

I suspect the only updates to this blog--if any--would be of the travel-adventure (misadventure) kind. So, as I attempt to actually get some rest during my much-needed vacation, you get an equally needed break from my blogging spam! 

The two images below (of forever-"empigeoned" Dostoyevsky outside of Leninka and Tsaritsyno) were taken with a point-and-shoot. Hopefully, I can produce some heavy hitters this time around.

See you...errr...blog you in a few weeks!