Kanazawa in Detail

I headed to Kanazawa for two principal reasons: I've never been to that part of Japan's coastline (only as far as Nagano), and live-music-deprived, I wanted to see a concert by a band I like in a more intimate venue than the ones in Tokyo.  

After all, those seemingly tiny and fragile Japanese fangirls can be rather brutal, as I wrote elsewhere, if you make the mistake of standing between them and their "idol"!

But, back to Kanazawa: the ends justified the (rather masochistic!) means. In a small country, the landmass of which is the size of the U.S. state where I currently reside, it took me an entire day to get to my destination via several trains, because I commuted from one remote location to another non-central one, relying on my trusty JR pass, as always.

And I dressed like a typical Russian: 

Typical Russian in Japan.

Okay, maybe more like a typical rocker with one too many studs on my black leather jacket. 

As expected from a smaller city, it was enjoyable to get lost in it--like a more independent kind of a tourist who periodically frightens the locals with her terrible attempts at Nihongo--without actually getting lost.

(The latter was in contrast to some of my infamous Tokyo experiences which included getting soaking wet in the rain and other side effects courtesy of my occasional topographical cretinism, as Russians call it.) 

Typical Russian rocker in Kanazawa.

But instead of describing my adventures and misadventures, I'd rather show you a selection of images.

The latter, I hope, stand somewhere between standard tourist shots of "shrine, statue, shrine with me posing next to it" and images that are a tad too eccentric, "This is an artistically blurry shadow of WHAT exactly?"