Rainbows of the Northwest

Even the toughest cynic (that'd be yours truly--in the mornings, wink!) turns giddy for rainbows like a child. And there are many different kinds that I've witnessed and, occasionally, documented in the last two years of living in the Northwest. 

My favorite was a rare lunar rainbow (Moonbow) last year which manifested as unexpectedly and abruptly as it disappeared.

Like a true Nocturnal Feminine.


 Then there was an ice rainbow.

I do enjoy riddles, but I'll be nice: no need to bother trying to wrap your head around the mysterious natural phenomena that could've potentially caused this: it's artificial, and was painted by school children. 

A heavenly blessing for someone's home: 

A localized spectral "rainbow" created with a prism (inadvertently) and sunbeams--we, Russians, call them "sun bunnies" (solnechnyi zaichik), so here is a sun-bunny rainbow exemplar: 

Радужный солнечный зайчик!

 And a double rainbow on a stormy springtime afternoon: