Post-Baudrillardian Surrealism

I've been photographing quasi-historic miniatures for a number of years, even when I still relied upon a 35-mm (non-digital) camera, as the following historically inaccurate, but fun-as-bleep! image (2005) of medieval Slavs versus Germans demonstrates. And, most recently, I shot my 1:72 model of T34, the best known Soviet World War II tank, in a winter setting:


knight1 formatted 700 px.jpg
tank snow with url.jpg

Deciding it was about time to repeat the experiment in a different season, my little tank and I ventured out for another photo session. Then my keys fell out of my pocket--my keys with a few cellphone-straps-turned-key chains. 

This was the result: 


Post-Baudrillardian Surrealist Critique of Consumerism? (Can't you tell I went to grad school?)

WWII: Alternate Histories?

A Child's Play?

Oh, and this might be a good time to mention that I've been spending excessive amounts of time on the computer lately! ;)