I'm not a food connoisseur (or a "foodie," in layman's language). Thus, I was a little surprised to discover--in the past year--that I really enjoy photographing all kinds of edible things.

Something as basic as food is one of those things that I both love and hate about social networking. On the one hand--and I dislike revealing my (limited!) domesticity--your friends far away post images and recipes on Facebook, giving you excellent ideas for which you're too busy to look yourself. On the other hand, these very friends happen to be in a time zone far-far away, say, Russia or Japan, and their lunch is your "foodless" late night on the previous day. That is, it was "foodless," until they made you salivate with their Instagrammed lunches! 

Ever so sadistically. 

So what I'm trying to say in a womanly, long-winded way is that if you happen to be in another time zone while looking at this blog, I apologize. The images below were shot under guerrilla conditions rather than a pristine kitchen in which I could arrange every little berry (yum!). 


Really sorry!  ;)

wedding cake 1 800 px url.jpg