Drive-By Shooting (with a Camera)

What happens if you've got the wrong lenses with you, and you're trying to photograph out of a fast-moving vehicle?

Images like these: 

No fun angles and little control over lighting. 

But that is the best I can do.

I only have a few more days left here in the middle of Canada, and rain isn't helping. (Okay, it's helping reduce the 40C / 105F (with humidity) weather!)

I just wanted to show you these prairies around harvest season: bright, geometric strips of color with the largest being bluer-than-blue sky. My current residence in the Rockies is often referred to as having a "big sky," which, of course, is a polar opposite of this: low-hanging clouds over mountain peaks provide a lot of differentiation.

Despite prairie flatness, this kind of a landscape, too, has its own distinct charm, I think, especially because it shows man's connection to the land through agriculture.