This Week in Mobile (#PNWProblems)

I am at the lake to do open-water frontcrawl in the early evening. It's windy, which means that I'd be able to get a more rigorous workout battling the waves.

Five minutes later, however, contained Apocalypse arrives: the horizon turns black, the water--unnaturally turquoise. Gusting winds suspend the multitude of yellow-beaked gulls over my head as if on puppet strings: white boomerangs against purple clouds.

Thor strikes the sky. 

The lifeguard yells, "Everyone, OUT of the water!".

I change out of my beach bikini into a stern one-piece swimsuit and begrudgingly head to the overchlorinated, allergy-inducing pool instead--with enough time to only swim a mile. 

A while later, I emerge, sneezing,  only to come upon happy blue-skied sunshine.

I feel mocked. Slightly. 

Good one, Nature! 

hike august 5 combined 1000 px.jpg