The River (Mobile), II

The owls are not what the seem.

This is true: over the past two years, I've lived in the general area where the cult TV series Twin Peaks had been filmed. I've heard owls talking to the Moon at night, but they'd never reveal themselves to me.

Until now.

I observed a large one over turbulent water heading into the deep of the evergreen forest.

It was magnificent.

I also encountered more wildlife in a couple of hours out on the river than ever before. Three low-flying bald eagles, an osprey or two, an excellent raven specimen, not to mention assorted deer, frogs, chipmunks, ganders, and, of course, trout. 

So much trout.

And if I weren't on the water fishing (and releasing), I'd have photographic proof.

I actually heard the raven first, so I mentally asked it to show itself. 

It did.

I love when that happens!

And the osprey? This bird engaged in a thirty-minute (!) conversation with one of us sufficiently capable of imitating through whistling. I suspect it was trying to inform us that we grossly failed at its language and, oh, we were also encroaching on its territory, while we were at it! 

Get out! Get out!

Eventually, we did, as the osprey sat triumphantly on top of its giant nest on the side of a cliff watching its intruders row toward the peaks in the distance.