Japanese Whirlwind

There is only one more day left for me in Tokyo, and then I'm off across the Pacific on Saturday afternoon. 

This trip has been a whirlwind. I feel like I've passed through a different life every day that I've been in Japan, despite the brevity.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, when I didn't update this blog, my focus was street photography. Naturally, there are no smartphone or iPad versions of those captures, since I shoot with a telephoto lens--somewhat covertly--and change locations often. After all, I never know whether I might anger someone, even though it is obviously permissible to photograph in public places.
Living in a small town, I've also forgotten how quickly a seated woman could attract all the creepy people of the neighborhood: I was in Shibuya, so there were one too many! 
On top of this, I've managed to sneak in a few images of my "Japanese mother's" adorable grandson, whom I visited as well. It was quite interesting to experience a normal--wonderful and generous--Japanese family even if for a day.

Oh, and I attended MORRIE's concert, which was...

Well, this blog is strictly about my images, but I already wrote the live report, which should be posted shortly elsewhere.