Periodically, I post brief updates on my other blogs that are either subject-specific or use other platforms that are more suitable for the readers of this blog.

Inglorious Bassets is dedicated to, well, bassets, and other canine photography. Some is professional, some is not, but I try to use humor as often as possible. We've recently surpassed 700 fans!

Youngish Naturalist: my nature-and-wildlife photography conveniently posted on tumblr!

Nina Kouprianova on 500px: This is my best-of-the-best portfolio of high-resolution photographs focused on a variety of subjects available for download.

Nina Kouprianova on Pinterest: I'm relatively new to this platform, and, to be perfectly honest, it's the one I struggle with updating the most. Nonetheless, I'm slowly amassing a collection of photographs—from nature to travel—for those who prefer sharing this way.

Hope you can join me on one of these blogs!