Dinosaurs Walk the Earth (Part II)

Of all the birds I've photographed, it is the ones that I consider the most unattractive—turkeys and grouse—that resemble their ancestors, the dinosaurs, the most. There is something about those large, reptilian-like eyes and those short, scale-like feathers. In fact, some of the most recent television animations depict dinosaurs with feathers, which brings the mental image even closer!

Red-Tailed Hawk

What is a truly exciting evening? One when this stunner of a red-tailed hawk lands on at tree outside your balcony and stays there long enough for you to grab your camera, change lenses, and even capture a few decent shots!

If you've been following this blog, you'd know that I'm a big fan of large predatory birds, particularly corvids. Perhaps, it's their regal appearance; perhaps—the fact that they're easier to photograph. Once you find them, that is. So, adding a few diverse specimens to my collection is a welcome change!

Woodpecker in Gold

This hairy woodpecker—yes, that's what it's really called, if the mighty Google is to be believed—acted a bit like a supermodel. (Not that I've ever worked with supermodels—or wanted to, for that matter.) Fifty or so shots and only a couple of truly great images. (I suspect that with women, the ratio is even more pronounced!)

Of course, the same could be said of many other small-bird varieties that seem to move rapidly and unpredictably. I mean, considering the favorable lighting and striking autumn colors, couldn't this avian just pose a little? :)

Dinosaurs Walk the Earth

—What did you do this weekend, Nina?

—I chased wild turkeys for a while!

When you live in The City, as I have most of my life, you frequently encounter traffic jams. In rural areas, on the other hand, the latter translates into everything from bear jams to turkey jams.  Yet I've never had the opportunity to photograph these...errr...unique-looking creatures sufficiently up close.

Until now.

One thing I've learned is that they're only slow when crossing the road!