Puppies, Strawberries, and Butterflies

All these things comprise this weekend's hiking.

How lady-like, huh?

That is, if you ignore the fact that the oversized puppies slobber excessively...

...that picking wild strawberries likely depleted the bears' supply (a little),

...and that the butterfly was a giant horned and furry moth (but an adorable one, nonetheless).

Not bad for a set of unplanned smartphone photographs!

Onslaught by the Yellow Troops

I, a grown woman, who, at times, takes herself rather seriously (operative words: "at times") continue acting like a curious little boy thanks to my macro lens.

I've walked past this tree a number of times, thinking that what I saw from a distance was a large spider web. Upon closer inspection, however, I found this swarming, swirling, hairy caterpillar mass, some of whose members were already happily munching on the nearby leaves. 

Poor tree.

Happy photographer!