As I continue to illustrate books I read, music I enjoy, and people I find worthwhile, here is Heidegger on Greek thought:

"The gods of the Greeks are not commanding gods, but, rather, ones that give signs, that point." (Martin Heidegger, Parmenides, tr. Schuwer and Rojcewicz [Bloomington: IN University Press, 1992], 40)

More specifically: 

The Greek gods are not "personalities" or "persons" that dominate Being; they are Being itself as looking into beings. But because Being always and everywhere infinitely exceeds all beings and juts forth in beings, therefore where the essence of Being has come originarily into the unconcealed, as is the case with the Greeks, the gods are more "excessive"... (ibid., 111)

This photograph is meant to evoke the contextual notions of concealment and unconcealment:

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The fact that the Greek god who is older than the highest of the Olympic gods, the "ancient father" of Zeus, is called "Kronos," "time," can be appreciated by us only if we realize that the Greek divinities consist in general in a looking and appearing and that "time" is what lets appear and conceals. (ibid., 141)