The half-day-long visit to Helsinki was all too brief, though at least the warm, sunny, and breezy day turned out to be perfect for such a fast-paced investigation. This brevity made photographing the most popular historic sites in an unusual way particularly difficult (the images in this blog are, once again, mobile, and not what I am referring to). 

The intoxicating scent of the Baltic (much like other saline bodies of water) followed us around the entire time. Tallinn's historic competitor, this Finnish city seemed to be less filled with tourists than the older Estonian counterpart.

Instead of trying to see as much as possible, we decided to take the city in instead. So we sat atop the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral observing. And then--welcome silence and an equally welcome cappuccino.

My only regret is not being able to meet up with my friends who live in the area, some of whom (the metalheads!) I have known for years, as this visit occurred during the workday. 

Thus, I shall return.