Dazaifu Revisited (Sort of)

I am currently working on a large project putting together several images to decorate a number of spaces. One of the spaces has a Japanese theme as far as the photographs are concerned. Of course, I have a fairly large library on this subject from previous trips. (And is there any question about how much I'd love to make another trip to expand the said library?) 

It has been worthwhile for me to review what I've shot over the years and realize that some of the initially less striking images, like the Dazaifu shrine detail below, work well in particular decorative contexts. Printing them on canvas also underscores the already rich textures.

Oh, and sharing this image is a nice change from all the blue-tinted wintry photographs I've been posting lately, isn't it?

Cats of Fukuoka

I'm a "dog person" through and through. A canine admirer, owner, and friend.

Cats are...interesting, if you observe them from afar: after all, they happen to be walking furry allergens, in my case!

I look at cats as an "in between" in terms of wildlife and house pets. They were domesticated much later than dogs, which explains their aloofness beyond their intrinsic feline traits.

This is, perhaps, why I found their affection—amongst themselves—to be particularly endearing. This pair cuddled at the Fukuoka Seaside Park and simultaneously sent me the "death stare."

That was a very "cat thing" to do, I thought.