Young Moose

You know you're a bit spoiled if you go from, "Oh please, God, let me see some large wildlife on this hike that isn't a deer!" to "Why couldn't this moose show up when the lighting was better?"

This youngster with furry antlers emerged at a pretty high altitude in the mountains and came so close, in fact, that I had to remove my telephoto lens and use a regular macro portrait lens to photograph him.  And a gentle giant he was, though I backed away every time he came closer, having been charged by mountain goats before.

Sunshine and a Moose

I was about to post some photographs from another dreary, cloudy day in Mountainland. Then I decided that my blog needs cheering up.

So have a happy, sunlit moose from Western Ontario instead!

You deserve it! ;)

Actually, this moose was probably annoyed, more than anything, by being disrupted by our car pulling over to photograph its meal, but that's besides the point!