Black and White

When I studied photography as an undergraduate student, I naturally gravitated toward black and white. What else could a young fan of heavy metal possibly like? 

Then I discovered color, and everything changed. I remember the excitement of buying expensive, tungsten-balanced film for ten dollars per roll in order to shoot muted indoor scenes, and spending an hour just balancing the CMY(K) of a single photograph in the dark room. But the result was worth it!

Yet, some of my current DSLR work is naturally suited for black and white. Things come full circle.

Like this:

500 px

I've recently uploaded a small, but growing portfolio to 500 px, right here, which strikes me as a high-end version of iStock, Shutterstock, and the like. 

Still determining how thing work, and what's worth uploading, today one of my images got voted up to "Popular," as per the screen shot below. 

This one:

 I must say, it's a rather nice "welcome" by a community of peers, and a good way to motivate oneself on a Monday.

Or, perhaps, I should use the word "APOCALYPSE" in more titles! 

Now, I just need one more important thing to work out for total full-moon joy