Moonrise for Münchhausen

Feeling a bit like Baron Münchhausen pulling himself out of a swamp (along with his horse) by his hair, I dragged myself out of bed, sneezing and coughing, to get some fresh evening air.

I wasn't out long enough to experience any marvelous travels and campaigns on par with the famous Baron, but I did witness a timid moonrise and radiant sunset with lightly powdered mountains as the ever-present backdrop.

The first-quarter Moon teased all those paying attention by diving in and out of the clouds, at times too rapidly for this sickly photographer nursing a severe cold. 

At the same time, the Sun, departing, lit the town's infrastructure tricking my Pentax into making the latter seem more urban than it actually is.

In the end, a decidedly city-like, blindingly nuclear sunset, albeit without skyscrapers, appeared in stark contrast to the soft pastels of the partially hidden Moon.

Even the Baron would have been impressed.