Opt Outside

I've been doing a bit of commercial photography in the past few weeks, which I'll post a bit later. Detailed object work is actually quite enjoyable.

Yet there is nothing like running around with my camera outside on a fairly warm day capturing another kind of detail: that of early spring. (I even forgot I've been suffering from a severe cold far too long!)

One of my favorite captures of today is this daytime Moon.


I've finally gotten around to assembling 'real' timelapses out of individual images that I've photographed. Naturally, I started with my favorite subject, the Moon. 

The individual photographs for the full-Moon video looked like this:

And the final productβ€”like this:

Vine's square format is bothersome, but it seems to retain a slightly higher resolution than the Instagram version.

I photographed the second timelapse tonight and assembled it so as to resemble vintage sci-fi films (including the soundtrack). The individual images I shot look like this:

The final video turned out like this:

Yet again, the Instagram widescreen version is worth referencing in terms of the way this mini-film is meant to be seen, excluding the resolution reduction.

January Moon

The other night, a near-full Moon actually decided to show itself after weeks of typical Cascadian cloud cover this time of the year. So I took advantage and shot several dozen images in hopes of making my very first real timelapse out of separate photos (as opposed to filming one on my phone).

Now, to find that elusive and unicorn-like 'free time'...