London's October Full Moon

We've almost reached November's new Moon, and I'm just getting around to posting some images of the full Moon I caught in London last month during my birthday weekend.  

I was surprised to see the Moon in a metropolis at all, let alone so vividly. I still have no recollection of witnessing it when I lived in Toronto, Canada for quite some time, despite the fact that I often worked late, getting home to walk my dog in the wee hours of the morning. 

So I felt like this was my present. The best kind, especially considering that parts of my brief Euro-trip were somewhat rough. This made up for it.

You'll likely find it silly, but eating Americanized Chinese food at an airport prior to departure, a fortune cookie announced that I'd be receiving a surprise gift soon.

And so I did. 

The conditions were quite windy, and the clouds moved too rapidly. The latter meant that I could only photograph using both a shallow depth of field and a very high ISO. The latter made the images appear grainy, though I think that actually adds to their mysterious quality. 

And, of course, here is the classic bulb-exposure image.