November's Moons

Did you see last weekend's full Moon?

I did not!

All-encompassing fog, arrogant in its triumph, has besieged the valley for days.

Unruly November has been predictable in its lack of predictability, so I knew that the temporary clearing a few days earlier in the week might be my only chance.

Even then I felt like I was chasing wildlife, not photographing a massive object in space. And not just any wildlife--not deer that turn into inadvertent models by freezing at the sign of danger--but rather those tiny birds that move about rapidly and erratically (to our eyes, at least) avoiding the lens just as the Pentax sniper thought she had the perfect shot.

Truth be told, it wasn't entirely the Moon's fault. If anything, it, consumed by its eternal feminine propriety, simply remained too passive as the Wind toyed with me by changing speed and pushing clouds round and round.

Yet, amidst all the cursing (I'm a lot less proper than the Moon sometimes) and ISO tweaking, I, a mere mortal challenging the mighty elements, did manage to sneak a few decent images.

Or maybe the elements made me think that way.