December Self-Portrait

Photographing myself is always a strange experience even in the age of daily smartphone "selfies" among the female part of the population. There is, of course, that cognitive dissonance between the way you are used to seeing yourself in the mirror and the way you really look to other people. 

At the same time, you are your own best model, because you're always available, and because you know exactly what crazy (or simple) idea you have in your head for photographic execution. Perhaps, that's the problem, then: the fact that when it doesn't turn out exactly as envisioned (and it never does), you have no one to blame but yourself! :)

Of course, there is no profound idea behind this self-portrait either, beyond the fact that I got a haircut (!), and I am still attracted to Baroque-type imagery when it comes to portraiture. 

Another version (and I won't pretend that the slightly messed up focus was deliberate!):