Opt Outside

I've been doing a bit of commercial photography in the past few weeks, which I'll post a bit later. Detailed object work is actually quite enjoyable.

Yet there is nothing like running around with my camera outside on a fairly warm day capturing another kind of detail: that of early spring. (I even forgot I've been suffering from a severe cold far too long!)

One of my favorite captures of today is this daytime Moon.


It's been a very long time since I've taken anything other than a smartphone selfie. Therefore, today I forced myself to at least photograph myself in front of the mirror for five minutes with a real camera.

"Forced? Girls love taking photos of themselves!"

That they do. Except ladies, who are also photographers, tend to be perfectionists. So, where a simple selfie would do, a real portrait may not.

But this little experiment turned out fairly well. Whereas it's obviously not advisable to have strange shadows on one's face when capturing a head shot, sometimes the said shadows may lend to worthwhile artistic affects.

As is it case here. At least I hope so.

In the very least, my eyes look their hazel best, not brown as they often appear. And that's enough for this perfectionist.

For now.


I'm not the biggest fan of capturing self-portraits—not because of the timers and numerous takes—but because there are so many worthwhile ideas, but so little time. However, I've (vapidly) decided to update the covers for my social networks with none other than yours truly. (To be fair, my preference usually is my nature-and-wildlife photography, not "selfies.")

As a result, I—once again—end up with clean, muted minimalism. As that is normally my preference in graphic design, perhaps I should stick with it.