The Littlest Drummer

One of the best things about living in the middle-of-nowhere amidst the Rocky Mountains is the fact that you're bound to run into some kind of wildlife when you go out in the evening, be it your nightly installment of deer or something less frequently encountered.

The downside is that you have to bring bear spray. (Okay, technically, you should always carry bear spray if you're out and about in wooded areas.) 

Walking the dogs up on the mountain, I met this little fellow. He wore a Catholic cardinal's biretta and hopped from tree stump to tree stump. The dogs actually allowed me to photograph. This is what I call combining business with pleasure!

"Сяду на пенёк, съем пирожок!"

"Сяду на пенёк, съем пирожок!"

He might be one of the tiniest creatures in the forest, but you should hear the blast beats when he drums!