I am in the process of completing edits and indexing for an excellent book on sustainability, ecology, climate change, peak oil, and, most important, surviving a potential economic collapse by a Swiss author and an acquaintance of mine. In it, I was a bit surprised--because of the specific context--to come across a quotation by Alain de Benoist, a French philosopher and a vocal critic of what I'd refer to as the ideology of infinite progress.  

Every day, the planet becomes uglier, poorer, more uniform. It is turning into a vast garbage dump with unbreathable air. (Alain de Benoist, Demain, la d√©croissance ! Penser l'√©cologie jusqu'au bout [Decline Tomorrow: Thinking Ecology through to the End seems to remain untranslated], 2007)

To that I'd add that the escape routes are getting fewer and less accessible.