Still Life with a Seashell and a Glass of Whiskey

Worry not!

No whiskey was harmed in the creation of this image, for I filled the glass with water to submerge the shell! To top this off, this isn't even a seashell, but a tiny (empty!) freshwater shell--the kind that I sometimes fish out from the local glacial lake. 

But at least the color scheme in this image is true.


When I create editorial-type photographs, I attempt to generate as much of the background color I want before editing. This isn't even about the amount of processing afterward, but my preference for authenticity (certain necessary editing and minor airbrushing exceptions notwithstanding).

Here, the bright orange was produced by using, well, an orange sitting behind the whiskey glass, obscured by the water and a shallow depth of field.

And unlike whiskey, the orange was most certainly consumed afterward!