This is How We Hike

Camera in hand, bear spray (100% grizzly proof, or so they say) strapped to the belt, and, perhaps, a couple of dogs to accompany you--these are the bare-minimum requirements of a good, albeit brief hike through the Rockies.

Maybe some water, too, if it's 35+ C (95+ F), and you're a wimp (sometimes, I am!). 

And it is this kind of a hike that goes particularly well while listening to the best tenor in classic metal, Kipelov, e.g., "I'm Free."   

If you don't understand Russian, you must learn it immediately. (The equivalent was my original reason for picking up Japanese a while back!) But I'll summarize it for you: he sings about being free like a bird in the Heavens, like a wild wind (at least in its literal interpretation)...

You might smirk now thinking the lyrics are a bit predictable, but wait till you're out there, either in solitude--or with someone who appreciates the value of comfortable silence.

And just as you're finally getting lost in thought while observing animal shapes in the clouds--perhaps, interrupting yourself on occasion to yell at the dogs in order to keep the potential predators away--the said canines: 

...notice this overrated dinosaur somewhere in the bushes:

And next thing you know, you're reluctantly retrieving your little hunters from halfway down the side of the hopefully not-too-steep cliff.

At least it was just a grouse: it's wild-berry season for the bears after all!