The Moon for Mayakovsky

When philosophers are powerless, they turn to poets, believed Martin Heidegger. 

Vladimir Mayakovsky is my favorite--or my Beloved--to be more precise. I even dedicated a considerable portion of my PhD thesis (History) to this capital-M Man. Today is his birthday.

It's been 120 years.


Source: RIA News.

Moonlit Night.

There will be a Moon.
There already is
A little.
And now a full one hangs in the air.
This must be God
Digging into the starry fish soup
With His marvelous
Silver spoon.
(Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1916)

Будет луна.
Есть уже
А вот и полная повисла в воздухе.
Это бог, должно быть,
серебряной ложкой
роется в звезд ухе́.

Tonight's Moon for Mayakovsky looked like this: