Blast(beat) from the Past (I)

I've decided to create a feature called Blast(beat) from the Past. The latter will be about, you guessed it, live band photography. 

At the tail end of the 35-mm-film era (as a default, that is), I was a tough girl, running around between gigs, shooting photos, and taking names. I did both black-and-white and color, developed, and printed everything in a dark room. As I was studying photography at that time, I considered this "practice."

My teachers were often horrified

Older and, hopefully, wiser, looking at these images now, I realize that some are good, and some leave much to be desired, that certain bands were worthwhile, at least within the realm of popular culture at large, and others--well, not so much. Yet there is something rather endearing about the low-res scans (some even have dust--from the scanner--I was very careful in the darkroom!), flash-generated colors, gritty hole-in-the-wall venues...

First installment: EXHUMED (2001 (?) / 2004). 

And don't worry, I will (try) not (to) reminisce in later posts.