Black Metal in Color

Evening mountains: things you'll see here will always differ.

Sometimes, the changes are barely noticeable, other times--enormous. Heraclitus spoke of never stepping into the same river twice.

I speak of the mountains, and let them speak.

I rarely call myself an "artist": illustrator, photographer, and mostly graphic designer--yes. "Artist," much like "art," however, is one of those terms, which was blown up by Postmodernity, instantly piercing its intended meaning with shards of explosive debris and burying the rest under ashes.

It is still there, somewhere. 

Art is something sacred.

Yes, I rarely call myself an "artist," but tonight I'll make an immodest exception. This "Black Metal in Color," I think, comes close: 

Blast(beat) from the Past (I)

I've decided to create a feature called Blast(beat) from the Past. The latter will be about, you guessed it, live band photography. 

At the tail end of the 35-mm-film era (as a default, that is), I was a tough girl, running around between gigs, shooting photos, and taking names. I did both black-and-white and color, developed, and printed everything in a dark room. As I was studying photography at that time, I considered this "practice."

My teachers were often horrified

Older and, hopefully, wiser, looking at these images now, I realize that some are good, and some leave much to be desired, that certain bands were worthwhile, at least within the realm of popular culture at large, and others--well, not so much. Yet there is something rather endearing about the low-res scans (some even have dust--from the scanner--I was very careful in the darkroom!), flash-generated colors, gritty hole-in-the-wall venues...

First installment: EXHUMED (2001 (?) / 2004). 

And don't worry, I will (try) not (to) reminisce in later posts.