Mishima: Fire over Wood

This week's anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings has come and gone. Trite speeches, touching articles, preposterous foreign-policy claims, along with images of candles and peace origami.

I was even going to post one photograph along those lines myself.   

Luckily, I chose another approach, deciding that it was more appropriate to emphasize not the event itself, but the the general aftermath--for decades to come--of WWII, Modernity's greatest ideological and military battle:

We live in an age in which there is no heroic death.
― Yukio Mishima


The cynicism that regards hero worship as comical is always shadowed by a sense of physical inferiority. 
― Yukio Mishima

And so I made a portrait of Mishima out of tea. 


mishima full 800 px url.jpg

As with my other "natural portraits," there is a level of necessary stylization, considering the constraints of the medium. (In other words, it is much easier to draw a realistic image using traditional means.) 

Tea is especially unforgiving.

You breathe, and the beauty is destroyed.