A Day in the Life of the Moon

On August 15, the Moon got up early. There was a long shift ahead, and she had to work as if she were already full!

Still sleepy, the Moon appeared more pale than usual.

She hopped onto the chair lift and rode to the top of the summit. 

Luckily, the day passed by quickly, and the Moon waved "goodbye" to her Twin and her Opposite.

She continued to observe the valley as blues, pinks, and lilacs faded to black. 

Finally, solitude. 

It was then that the Moon realized: she appeared a little bit flushed. Some would even say--red. Not from anger, but rather from fatigue.

But the Moon diligently continued to light the night sky for as long as was necessary. After all, the wolves had to hunt. And their pups were getting rather big: they now liked to separate the head from a fresh deer kill and play a game of football with it!