Many Moons Ago

It was about time I pulled some of my recent straight-on photographs of the Moon together into a single wallpaper. 

The process reminded me of a children's rhyme (1922) by a well-known Russian poet, Korney Chukovsky, about a bear who really-really wanted to live on the Moon!


So I translated the excerpt below (with some liberties): 

'Neath the pine
On the ground,
In a glade
Wolves abound,
Where they sit snarling and stare,
"Hey, you, clumsy Buffoon,
Do not chase
The Moon,
Now return at once, you must, Bear!"

The original: 

А внизу
Под сосной,
На поляне
Волки сидят:
«Эх ты, Мишка шальной,
Не гонись
За луной,
Воротись, косолапый, назад!"

(К. Чуковский, 1922)