Winter Morning

If you pay attention to my work, you have probably seen dozens of sunset images by now and few, if any, sunrises. That is, of course, because I'm a night owl, and over the years, despite major life changes with school and work, I've managed to maintain a fairly similar schedule. 

Simply put, in the morning I think that the world is surely coming to an end, daily, whereas at night I feel like signing (I can't sing). 

A few weeks ago, I spent a bit of time on the mountain: in fact, this was the Catholic Christmas Eve. Something got me up early that morning—even my dog was still asleep. As I walked past a window, I noticed a quiet lilac world with a waning Moon at the center.

If there were any sleep left in me before that point, considering the 3 am bedtime, it was gone.

It is never possible to transmit the full experience (even if the aesthetic elements are there, the sound and scent are not). Yet by documenting if not a 360-, then a 270-degree view with selected detail, this is as close to giving you the sense of what it was like as one could possibly get.

This experience ended up being one of the only instances when I did not feel the impending morning Apocalypse.