August Supermoon

One of the drawbacks of living in a northern mountainous paradise is the lack of cultural events on par with the City. (It is likely that I've mentioned this fact once...or a dozen times before!)

Tonight, I attended a Mozart-oriented concert—a welcome event—but had to leave during the intermission.

How dare I?

If you pay attention to the seasons and natural events, you've probably guessed by now.

This August full Moon happens to be the so-called Supemoon due to its proximity to the earth. The latter means that on a cloudless summer evening like tonight, these conditions create the perfect photographing opportunity for lunatics like me. And I'm always punctual, even (especially) for the Moon.

Here is the partial Moonrise sequence: from playing hide-and-seek behind the blue mountain ribbons to nuclear yellow and, finally, reigning over the entire horizon.