A Portrait of a Little Man

Whenever I create portraits (this excludes models posing as someone else), I prefer the natural approach that both presents the subject in an aesthetically pleasing manner and accurately portrays his or her personality. This means photographing either without the subject's knowledge or capturing their non-posed interactions. 

It also helps if I am photographing a tiny East Asian baby. Is there anything cuter than they are?

Not much!

rinta 1 1000 px url.jpg

Where Did All the Bubbles Go?

Considering what I normally post to this blog, seeing the following images might come as a bit of a surprise. However, I really enjoy recording interactions between people and their children (and, of course, people and their pets!). 

Unlike most photography of this nature, my preference is, by and large, documentary, that is, no posing is involved.  I believe that it's both possible to depict people at their best and their most authentic at the same time.

Of these, my favorite shows the two children, because it resembles something between Renoir and Degas.