It seems to me that tumblr's primary audience is quite young. Nonetheless, because of its focus on images, this social network makes for a great platform for sharing photography, and its templates are aesthetically pleasing. I already have one dog-specific tumblr, Inglorious Bassets, and, recently, I've created another one based on, you guessed it, nature and wildlife. Much of the latter's content will be similar to what appears on this blog: the main purpose is greater exposure and sharing with ease.

Going Live, Coming Home

It's not often that I get to see my work in print, to scale, and properly framed all at the same time. 

Sure, there is the occasional book cover, but those are usually a fraction of any given photo's size. And then there are portraits, which most people prefer to keep around 8x10". 

As a result, seeing some of my local nature imagery along with photo art on a truly displayable scale and in a well-chosen frame, to boot, put a real smile on my face.

My Wanderer-esque landscape managed to retain its colors on canvas, to my surprise.

And my artistic triptych, Et in Arcadia Ego, turned out rather nostalgic rather than "morbid." I almost wished that I output it on an even larger scale, which was possible.

Man in late Modernity and especially in Postmodernity has largely been removed from the fruits of his labor. Countless paper pushers do not get the tangible perception of their work that has been the case for thousands of years in traditional fields like agriculture. Even artists and designers often see their work displayed virtually on the web exclusively. Thus, being able to touch and hold one's creative work is kind of like coming home.

"Natural" Hearts

My found-heart photo collection has grown: 

Previous exemplars include:

Of course, unlike the double-heart rock and the wooden-heart root à la Elvis, I couldn't keep the mushroom! 

These cartoon-heart shaped objects are the cute-and-girly counterpart of the kind of pattern recognition that allows one to see anthropomorphic mythic beings in a natural landscape (which I've mentioned here, for instance). 

Where Did All the Bubbles Go?

Considering what I normally post to this blog, seeing the following images might come as a bit of a surprise. However, I really enjoy recording interactions between people and their children (and, of course, people and their pets!). 

Unlike most photography of this nature, my preference is, by and large, documentary, that is, no posing is involved.  I believe that it's both possible to depict people at their best and their most authentic at the same time.

Of these, my favorite shows the two children, because it resembles something between Renoir and Degas. 

Music Lesson

This is a blast from my past: shot, developed, and printed in a dark room using the now traditional 35 mm. (Then scanned. Poorly.)

It seems a bit naive now.

Yet this image is not meant to be historically accurate, but rather--capture the spirit of Baroque painting--chiaroscuro in which remains my favorite kind of lighting.


The best part? Dressing up my fellow metallers. "Carcass (Emperor, Satyricon, et alia) t-shirt OFF! Civilized clothing ON!"  


As promised a few weeks ago, I've uploaded half a dozen (and counting) wallpapers--desktop, laptop, and mobile--for free personal use.  Right hereI've sized them so as to fit most common screen resolutions.

I hope you enjoy this mix of nature and culture. 

Report issues to me (please), and suggestions are always welcome. Unless they're not nice. In that case, I'll stare, raise an eyebrow, and then remind you that I'm Russian!

Dead Egg (or a Really Injured One)

Whereas I'm not the first and--hopefully!--not the last to use eggs in photo illustration, I'm probably one of the only fans of rock and heavy-metal music convinced that several album covers could be improved by featuring them. 

Let's take the classics, for instance. ANTHRAX - Fistful of Metal clearly needs an expressive egg, and so does the entire IRON MAIDEN discography. And then, of course, there are the "brutal" genres that could use a bit of whimsy.

Okay, a lot

I think you see where I'm going with this brilliant proposal. I just hope you don't expect me to "Photoshop" it!