I try to keep this blog limited to my creative pursuits--professional and personal. Even my mobile self-portraits are often taken when I'm out photographing landscapes and wildlife. Of course, at times, a glimpse of my personal life comes through, for better or for worse. 

So, I am posting these candid shots--rather, screen shots from a smartphone video of me swimming--solely because this is an activity that brings me joy. A sense of achievement (even if small) follows a challenge (even if small). 

Solitary. And out in Nature. 

(We shot the video, because I wanted to see my form, and was pleased to find small mistakes only. Of course, I'm just an amateur.) 

It's difficult not to sound sappy or trivial, but I'm a firm believer that it's physical labor and/or exercise that function as the best "anti-depressant" when things are tough.  

That and music. 


And further away: