The Way the Wind Blows

Today, my trusted (but needy!) canine and I briefly visited one of the national parks in the area on what looks to be one of the last warm days of the season. Mandatory "pics or it didn't happen" image is as follows:

Places like this are always fun to photograph with a fisheye lens—that I've yet to process—but my smartphone captures aren't too shabby. Of course, it is Nature that does most of the work.

And, what's now becoming customary for me, though I'm still learning and experimenting: a looping timelapse documenting the subtle movements of golden autumn leaves on the shores of this glacial lake.

Nearing Apocalypse

A landscape that normally looks like this:

...has taken on a post-Apocalyptic quality as of late due to the dozens of forest fires in the entire northwest of Canada and the U.S. 

With a blood-orange Sun above and the mountains almost completely obscured by the smoke on the horizon line, this is what the "very unhealthy" air-quality rating looks like.

Indeed, this made doing open-water laps, mainly coming up for air, noticeably unpleasant, which means I underestimated the extent of the fires. If these conditions persist, I'd love to venture out with my DSLR, though staying indoors is advised.