Blue Ribbons

This view is always mutable depending on the time of day, season, weather...This time around, when I shot this image a few weeks back before the arrival of forest-fire smoke, blue mountain ribbons gradually flattened and disappeared into the horizon contrasting with the pronounced texture of the evergreens in the foreground. 🌲 🌲 🌲

mountain top 2017 a 2000 px.jpg

Full Moon in Dreamy Pisces

Last night, I was admittedly envious (only a bit!) of just about everyone on my social networks, flaunting--verbally--their amazing-full-Moon view. 

Living in the mountains, thick cloud cover and unpredictable weather is, well, expected! This is what happened yesterday, and the Moon was so coy as to peek from the clouds, then disappear as soon as I set up my tripod.

Typical woman! 

But this evening, it decided to give me a break. It must've known that I was packing for a trip, and so we made a date for a brief shoot just after 8 pm.

The Beginning:

The Dreamy-Pisces view:

The Urban Knockout:

The Full Glory:

Not bad for a half hour of posing, huh?