Rising Moon, Setting Sun

And I crawled, and I crawled through the waves tonight; 
Rising Moon on my left, setting Sun on my right. 
As it should be.

Despite appearances, I'm not trying to write pretentious mystical poetry. These lines have been in my head during the last two swim workouts at the lake almost like a mantra. Of course, they were literally what I saw during front crawl: it's that time of the year in the greater Pacific Northwest when you encounter both the Sun and the Moon simultaneously starting from the early-to-mid afternoon when there is no cloud cover. And if you're lucky enough to have sufficient time to observe, you'll see one "rise," as the other "sets."

This is just a mobile shot.

My favorite part has been doing back stroke into the Deep and the Cold, because the comforting Moon--rather than the blinding Sun--was in my line of vision.

And now that I've given myself the luxury of blogging about this, I will likely stay up working till 2 am. But that's okay, I'm a night owl! 

This image is from July 15. Not bad for a 7:50-pm Moon in a clear blue sky, huh?