Basset Portraits

Here are my latest canine portraits in all their hound-dog glory—an overly decorated boy and a misleadingly innocent-looking girl (like all redheads!). There are few things better than dogs, and there are even fewer better than bassets!  

Unlike other breeds, however, bassets are notoriously difficult to photograph. After all, why focus on posing for 2 seconds when you can chase that amazing scent...or that other even stronger scent...or...

Pop of Pink

"Why did you post a photo of a pooped-out basset shot in the worst possible midday lighting?", you ask. (Let's pretend you did.)

Good question, sir (ma'am).

This image reminds me of the summer that I thought had finally arrived until a rather belated chilly and gloomy rain season kicked in, bringing with it an all-encompassing gray.

So, this terrible lighting looks pretty good right about now!