Have You Seen the Moon...at Noon?

I promise not to speak in rhyme again.

Here is the waning Moon nestled in the clouds around 12:00 on July 28 just before moonset:

Speaking of rhymes,

I had a surprisingly positive response (on Failbook) to my recent blog post, in which I talked about open-water swimming and witnessing both the Sun and the Moon simultaneously. It began with a silly rhyme that just popped into my head:

And I crawled, and I crawled through the waves tonight; 
Rising Moon on my left, setting Sun on my right. 
As it should be.

Curiously enough, a friend of mine from the Tokyo area, to whom I refer as "my Japanese mother" (meant in the best possible way!)--when I mention her to my own--translated the above as a tanka poem: 

われ一人 昏き器に泳ぎ果て 月は登りぬ日は西に落つ

Have I inadvertently become the cause of international Moon worship? ;)

Whatever the case may be, we've got the images, we've got the text, so I think we now need a musician to complete this creative process!